Burger Friday #3 – Shake Shack

Shake Shack 3

Here’s this week’s episode about Shake Shack:




Shake Shack 5

Another week, another burger. Peppered throughout NYC and expanding to several new regions, Shake Shack is becoming an increasingly common name when speaking about burgers. Spreading their reach beyond Manhattan, Shake Shack has made it’s way to Long Island. Westbury to be exact. The “shack” itself is in front of a shopping center on Old Country Road, and the shack was packed. As with any newish restaurant (remember when Long Island got Sonic? ugh. the lines.) there was a bit of a wait, but they really crank out burgers with speed and efficiency.

Shake Shack 6

Now onto the food. Shake Shack has a pretty simple menu, with only a few burger options, some hotdogs, and a bunch of shake/ice cream/dessert options. They also have their own signature beer, the Shackmeister Ale. They have offerings for pretty much anyone, vegetarians and dogs included. If you want to check out the menu – do so here. The burger. OH MAN THAT BURGER. For myself (Ed), this was the first time trying Shake Shack’s burger offering, and man was it good. The burger is hot and juicy with a ton of flavor. The bun is soft and can get a bit soggy, but the whole thing practically melts if your mouth. It’s a simple burger – one or two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, shack sauce. That’s really it. There’s optional bacon available but none of us went for it.

Shake Shack 9

The burger is pretty great, although it is on the smaller end of the burger size spectrum. If we didn’t all get shakes (which never happens, but it did) then I think there would have been some empty stomachs on the way home. The fries were quite good too. They are your generic crinkle-cut french fry, but they’re very crispy. You could say they’re like White Castle, only much, much crispier. Dom opted for the cheese fries, which were good but I’m glad that I didn’t order them. Stealing a few of his gave me enough of the cheese sauce experience, I think a whole order may be overkill. The shakes were overall a let down though. They’re much smaller than Smashburger’s offerings and they’re really just not that great. Dom said the vanilla shake tasted like nothing, J added salt to his caramel shake, and I paid the $.50 premium for the coffee shake – which was quite generic. When we go back, I think we’ll pass on the shakes. However, they do have Abita Root Beer on tap (which happens to be one of my favorites…extra points). After a lack-luster shake, Dom had to go up and order a lemonade, which he said was good. Overall, Shake Shack is pretty great. It’s a flavorful burger, crispy fries, and an overall good experience.

Shake Shack 8

Shake Shack really changed up my Burger Hierarchy rankings, but head over there to find out where it ranks in the list for everyone else. Of course if you want to hear more in-depth discussion make sure to check out this week’s podcast episode!

Shake Shack 10


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