Burger Friday #4 – PeraBell Food Bar – Patchogue, NY

Perabell Food Bar 1

Here is this weeks podcast about PeraBell Food Bar:

PeraBell Food Bar (Patchogue, NY) – the winner of the best burger on Long Island. We visited this restaurant after being declared champion at Long Island’s Battle of the Burger. Now, none of us attended the contest (and failed at being burger enthusiasts) due to overall busy-ness, but we totally get why this burger won. This post is light on pictures because the restaurant was high on ambient lighting. Whatchu know about candle lit burger outings?! Onto the burger. The winner of the contest, the aptly-named “Champ” burger consists of: 10oz chopped patty, thick cut smoked bacon, white cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and special sauce all on a pillowy sesame seed bun. The burgers are served with fries, coleslaw and a pickle.

Perabell Food Bar 2

Everyone got “The Champ” except for Juba, who opted to customize a burger. This isn’t strictly a burger joint, as the menu has tons of other food on it (including the best baked macaroni and cheese appetizer in the world) and they only take up one small corner with their burger offering. It’s the same 10oz patty, with several cheeses (including fresh mozzarella), bacon, avocado, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and some other standard burger toppings. They really didn’t need an entire menu with pre-made combos because you definitely make do with what they have to offer.

The service was good, our party of six got seated really quickly and food was on the table before we knew it. We ordered two baked mac n’ cheeses for the table. HOLY CRAP. Best macaroni and cheese most of us have ever had. There was definitely some thick cut bacon in there too. The four cheeses were perfectly blended – a mix of creamy and cheesy that worked perfectly. There was a nice golden brown bread crumb crust on top of the macaroni that helped break up the richness of the cheese and bacon. There were also some chives floating around in there which added a welcome break from the heavier flavors of smokey bacon and cheese. If the appetizer was indicative of the burger to come, we were in good shape.

Perabell Food Bar 3

When the burger arrived, we were all kind of in shock at how huge they really were. The patty was damn near an inch thick, made up of loosely packed chopped meat. The burgers were cooked to a perfect medium – not too bloody, and not even close to a hockey puck. The thick cut bacon was surprisingly tender, but it did overpower the flavor of the actual burger patty slightly. After half of my burger, I took off the bacon to eat later. For a non-smashed burger (the general consensus is that a smashed burger is the best burger amongst our group) the flavor was great. It was big, satisfying, and tasty. I’m trying to relive the burger as I type this, and it’s making me hungry. For a restaurant/pub style burger, PeraBell Food Bar really hit the nail on the head.

PeraBell’s burger was a huge change to the Burger Hierarchy rankings, but head over there to find out where exactly it sits. Don’t forget to check out the podcast, and hit the iTunes link in the sidebar to subscribe! If you want real-time burger news – check out the Instagram page every Friday night for live burger action.


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