Burger Friday #5 – All American Drive-In – Massapequa, NY

All American Drive-In Massapequa

Here is this weeks podcast about All American Drive-In:

All American Drive-In (Massapequa, NY) – It’s pretty much achieved legendary status here on Long Island. Frequented by Jerry Seinfeld (it’s in his home town) and thousands of people across the island, this is a great place to get some classic American fast food style burgers. There’s nothing gourmet about All American, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damn tasty. The entire menu is printed on the cup (giving you a basic idea of how small their offerings are) and the whole place is a walk-up counter. There’s no seating inside – only a few outdoor tables and benches. In  true drive-in spirit, the lack of seating isn’t surprising.
All American Drive-In Massapequa 12
The food is quick to come out of the window, and the taste can be described as a McDonald’s without all the chemicals and preservatives. The burgers come off the grill nice and fresh, kept warm in a tinfoil pouch. The “Double Double” was the main course for the Burger Friday crew – consisting of two patties, two slices of cheese, tiny diced onions, pickles and ketchup. Fries are crispy and fresh, and a step above your standard fast food fry. While we haven’t gone to the big fast food chains for Burger Friday, this is probably the closest we’ll get to them.
All American Drive-In Massapequa 10
Two Double Doubles, fries and a large Coke comes out to a little over $8.00, which is pretty incredible for the amount of food you get. Everyone left with a full stomach and a full wallet. The burger is substantial, and has a familiar taste – it’s like McDonald’s grew up and left out the chemicals. I’ve also heard the burger as being “giant Whitecastle”, probably due to the fact that the burgers are grilled at the same time with the diced onions. The burgers were good and cheap, and we really can’t ask for too much more from a  true fast food joint.
All American Drive-In Massapequa
This post is high on pictures, and lower on writing. There’s not too much depth to the food, and the menu is basic – but they’ve been doing fast food burgers right for over 50 years, leaving everything unchanged since it’s opening in 1963. After some quick research, the original signage from the 60s is still up to this day. The focus at All American is on fresh, high quality food, at a great price. McDonald’s pushes how fresh their food is, but it’s hard to believe. When All American says their food is fresh, you can taste it.
All American Drive-In Massapequa
Another thing I really love about All American is the branding. It’s classic, vintage style, and pro-American. Little details like this add to the experience at All American, and it really helps transport you back in time to the early days of fast food.
All American Drive-In Massapequa
All American Drive-In falls pretty much in the middle of the Burger Hierarchy rankings. It was a little tough to place at first due to the different style of burger. This is the first true fast food style burger we have tried, but we all enjoyed it and would definitely go back.
All American Drive-In Massapequa
Don’t forget to check out the podcast, and hit the iTunes link in the sidebar to subscribe! If you want real-time burger news – check out the Instagram page every Friday night for live burger action.


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