Burger Friday #7 – Snaps American Bistro – Wantagh, NY

Snaps American Bistro Wantagh

Snaps American Bistro (Wantagh, NY) – highly recommended by a few friends, and glowing reviews on Yelp, we ventured out to Snaps American Bistro – located right off Sunrise Highway in Wantagh. They have a pretty extensive burger section on the menu, surrounded by other great sounding menu items. This was also a special episode of Burger Friday…it was my 25th birthday. The place was packed at 8 o’clock on Friday night, but the wait was only a few minutes. It was really hard for the Burger Friday crew to settle on a choice. We placed our orders, I got the Cowboy Burger, J got the Mac truck, Juba got the Godfather, and Dom pulled the old switcharoo, changing his order from the Flatliner to the Mac Truck at the last second. The burger order was placed, and so started the waiting game.

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Snaps American Bistro Wantagh

Glasses with shifty eyes…

Our server was friendly, and totally felt bad that the food was taking so long to come out. There was a moment where Dom said that the waitress was going to get “quarters” instead of “waters” and it was quite funny. I guess you had to be there. It was funny. It took nearly 50 minutes for all four burgers to come out, and there were several things that fell short for us. The first thing we all noticed was the size of the burger. Portions here are pretty small, especially for the price tag. The burgers on the menu ranged from $15 for the basic, bare-bones offering, to $24 burgers, topped with lobster salad. The waitress had talked up a big game about how large they were. The smaller size, coupled with the wait time lead us to be a bit let down. I had just had ‘The Champ’ burger from Perabell Food Bar the night before – which was easily double the size.

2013-08-30 21.13.39-1

The Cowboy Burger – patty, bacon avocado ranch, smoked gouda, bourbon onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato on a heavily sesame seeded bun.

The issue with Snaps that we all had was more of the experience than the flavor of the burger. The flavor profiles of the different burgers we got were all great. I loved the bourbon onions on top of mine, and they really worked with the smoked gouda. The Mac Truck, covered in pepperjack macaroni and cheese looked insane. Upon biting into the burger, we all noticed that the medium-well was nearing hockey puck status.

2013-08-30 21.15.54-1

Cross section – no pinkness here. The burger was definitely a bit overcooked, especially for medium-well…

They were all on the upper end of well done, which took away from the juiciness of the burger. There was a good smoke flavor to the meat itself, but it wasn’t enough to carry the burgers high into the rankings.

The Mac Truck – pepperjack mac n cheese, tomatoes, pickles, bacon, lettuce.

The fries were pretty tasty – but fell flat in many areas as well. This seems to be the theme of the meal. Tasty, but something didn’t work. The fries were parmesan, truffle oil, herb fries – served in a small cup alongside the burger. There weren’t many in there, but they were flavorful. Juba particularly enjoyed them, but the rest of us thought they were alright. I think we all agreed that there could have been more on the plate.

2013-08-30 21.13.45-1

Overall, the price, the wait time, and the size of the meal wasn’t enough to make these burgers great. The flavor was there, there were just too many negatives overpowering the good that was there. Personally, I would go back to Snaps and give them another try. It could have been an off night, and all the reviews on Yelp make me think that may be the case.

The Godfather - prosciutto, salami, peppers, provolone all on a sesame seeded bun.

The Godfather – prosciutto, salami, peppers, provolone all on a sesame seeded bun.

Snaps landed pretty pretty much in the middle of all of the Burger Hierarchy rankings. There were some positives, but ultimately the price:size of meal ratio was off for most of us. We had to go get some ice cream after due to hunger. Try out Snaps if you want something on the smaller side, or order an appetizer or two for the table.

Smoked gouda, bourbon onion shot.

Smoked gouda, bourbon onion shot.

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