Burger Friday #10 – Bareburger – Great Neck, NY

2013-09-20 20.32.51
Bareburger – Great Neck, NY – We are running out of burger places in the area. SO after seeing some delicious pictures of burgers from Bareburger on Instagram, we decided to make the trek. After driving past the place a bunch of times, we arrived. Parking in Great Neck kind of sucks too. There are also one million frozen yogurt places. Anyway, Bareburger prides themselves on offering all organic meats, buns, sides, etc. They place a strong emphasis on the quality of their food, and it shows. Check out this weeks podcast for all of your spoken burger action. Don’t forget to rate and review on iTunes!

Listen here for this week’s episode:

2013-09-20 20.33.21

“Juba I’m taking a picture of you.”

Bareburger was pretty cool looking on the inside. It was very open, and had some weird bear-related art on the walls. The tables were finished slabs of wood, which was also pretty cool. Water came out in a fancy bottle, and I’m surprised we didn’t get charged extra for it. Bareburger has a minimal staff, they take the order on an iPod touch, and then have a few people running food to tables. The menu is pretty extensive, they have vegan and vegetarian options, standard burgers and chicken, as well as more exotic and uncommon game meats (wild boar, bison, lamb, ostrich). If you want to check out the huge menu, do so here: Bareburger Menu

"No, he wants the 25oz."

“No, he wants the 25oz.”

After much debate about what kind of bacon to get (country vs. thick cut…more on that later) we placed our orders. The burger concoctions they had on the menu all sounded good, or you could build your own burger. I (Ed) went with the Western (smoked mozzarella | country bacon | house-made Carolina slaw | smokehouse sauce| topped with crispy spicy pickle spear) with bison as the meat. J got the Big Blue Bacon (Wisconsin blue | country bacon | sautéed mushrooms | fried onions | bacon marmalade), also with bison. Dom and Juba both built their own burgers. Fries were done communal style, but SOME OF US don’t like sharing. It took a while to order, but once the order was placed, the food came out quick. They also had their own house-made sodas which were really good. We would recommend the Root Beer or the Cola.

2013-09-20 20.42.49-1
On the menu, it’s stated that the burgers are 6oz. This is a pretty ideal size for a burger – not too big, but bigger than your standard 1/4lb. burger. There were plenty of toppings to make up for any shortcomings in burger size. HOWEVER…we were all lead to believe that the thick cut bacon would be a delicious add on to our burgers. It was unanimously decided that this was not the case. The bacon was not cooked down, and could have benefitted from some additional fat rendering. At first bite, the bacon was removed from all of our burgers. Some opted to eat it as a side, others didn’t. It definitely wasn’t worth the upcharge – so be aware. If you want thick cut bacon done right, see Perabell Food Bar.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Dat sauce doe. This habanero chipotle mayo sauce was pretty awesome with both fries and burger. The curried ketchup was definitely not. It was kind of fucked up.

The burgers were all enjoyed, minus the bacon shortcomings. The bison was cooked to a perfect medium – making for a juicy and flavorful burger. The lean nature of bison meat is easy to overcook, but the way they prepared it was spot on. The bison adds a slight gameyness that adds, rather than subtracts to the burger. The bacon marmalade on the Bacon Blue was great, and the deep fried pickle on top of the Western was a delicious pre-burger snack. The homemade slaw on the western was also great. The cheese game was slightly off, either not enough cheese, or not enough flavor. The smoked mozzarella went completely unnoticed. We prefer a saltier, meltier cheese for our burgers here at Burger Friday. For a more in-depth discussion on the individual burgers, check out the podcast.

2013-09-20 20.43.43-1

The Western at Bareburger – complete with spicy fried pickle spear on top.

Check out the Burger Hierarchy rankings and see how Bareburger was placed in the list. Overall, Bareburger was an enjoyable experience. We would not recommend the thick cut bacon though. The menu is extensive enough and the build-a-burger section adds practically infinite combinations. This is somewhere you can do, and everyone in your party can find something to eat. Bareburger can get a bit pricey though if you go overboard with toppings or bacon.

2013-09-20 20.43.59-1

Big Blue Bacon Burger – alliteration at it’s tastiest.

Don’t forget to check out the podcast, and hit the iTunes link in the sidebar to subscribe! If you want real-time burger news – check out the Instagram page every Friday night for live burger action.


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